Pulaski County Magistrate, District 1

Employer / Organization

Pulaski County

Next Election

Nov 08, 2022

Filing Window

Nov 11, 2021 - Apr 04, 2022


In Kentucky, magistrates (justices of the peace) are members of the fiscal court that leads the county government, passing legislation and administering services and programs. Magistrates approve budgets, hire staff, and set policy.

Application Guidelines
If you would like to be included on the ballot for county office, follow these three steps. 1) Contact the county clerk's office. The clerk can provide information about the availability of filing papers and answer questions regarding nominating petitions and other ballot procedures. 2) Arrange to pick up required paperwork. 3) Return your completed paperwork within the designated filing window. The April filing deadline is for independent candidates. Republican and Democratic candidates must meet earlier deadlines to participate in the primary.

Submit application to:
Pulaski County Clerk, 100 Main Street, Somerset, KY, 42502, US