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Nov 08, 2022

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Jun 27, 2022 - Jul 01, 2022


The Secretary of State for Georgia, an elected constitutional official, is responsible for a wide range of services and regulatory duties, in addition to being the keeper of the Great Seal of Georgia and the custodian of the state flag and other state symbols. The secretary of state also chairs the Claims Advisory Board, which receives, investigates, and hears civil claims against the state. Responsibilities of the secretary's office include supervising and monitoring elections and providing campaign finance disclosure, managing and preserving public records, providing educational programs about the capitol, and licensing, monitoring, and registering professionals and businesses. The office includes the divisions of archives, elections, corporations, securities and business regulation, professional licensing boards, and the state capitol. Attached agencies are the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust, Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency, State Ethics Commission, and the Georgia Real Estate Commission and Appraisers Board. The primary duties of the secretary of state are to: register corporations in the state of Georgia, run the state's election system, oversee licensure of certain professions, and regulate the state's securities market. Additionally, the secretary of state maintains the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta and the Georgia State Archives. The salary for this position is $130,690/year.

Application Guidelines
1) Contact the Georgia Secretary of State Office in order to confirm that your registered address qualifies you for the position you intend to run for, and to make sure there are no other qualifications which might make you ineligible. 2) Complete the Notice of Candidacy forms including a nominating petition if you plan to run as an independent. The amount of signatures required varies by office. Submit these Notice of Candidacy forms, petitions and a qualifying fee to the Georgia Secretary of State. Note* You can submit petition signatures in lieu of the filing fee. If you plan to run as an independent or for a nonpartisan office, submit these forms to the Georgia Secretary of State, however, if you are planning to run as a party candidate, submit these forms to your declared party. 3) Submit these forms during the week of the first Monday in March if you are running for a position that will appear on the May General Partisan Primary/Nonpartisan Ballot. If you plan to run as an independent or as a minor political body candidate in the November General Election, the filing window is during the week of the fourth Monday in June. If you have any questions please contact the Georgia Secretary of State by phone at 404-656-2881. More information on a position by position basis can be found here: