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Nov 08, 2022

Filing Window

Feb 28, 2022 - Mar 11, 2022


The Controller of the State of Idaho is the chief fiscal officer of Idaho, responsible for paying the state's bills, maintaining accounting and financial records and preparing the state's annual financial report. The controller is a statewide constitutional office elected every four years during federal midterm election years (e.g. 2018, 2020 and 2024, etc.). Like all other Idaho state executives, the controller is not subject to term limits.The controller's office oversees the division of statewide accounting, the division of computer services and the division of statewide payroll. The controller also is the state's Social Security program administrator and is the ex-officio secretary of the State Board of Examiners. The controller, as the state's chief fiscal officer, is responsible for: Maintaining all accounting and financial records, Paying all the state's bills and employees, Preparing the state's annual financial report, Operating the state's Computer Service Center, Operating internal pre-audit accounting controls. The remainder of the state's audit duties are carried out by the state legislature's audit division. The salary for this position is $101,150/year.

Application Guidelines
1) Contact the Idaho Secretary of State Elections Division in order to confirm that your registered address qualifies you for the position you intend to run for and to confirm that you meet other office specific qualifications. Obtain the appropriate Candidate Filing Forms. 2) Complete the Candidate Filing Forms including campaign finance forms. If you plan to run as an independent candidate, you must collect a specified amount of signatures to be placed on the ballot. For U.S. representative 500 signatures must be collected, whereas State Senator or State Representative candidates must collect 50 signatures. If you plan to run as a party candidate, you may either pay a fee or collect the amount of stipulated signatures above in lieu of the filing fee. 3) Submit these documents during the filing window to the Idaho Secretary of State Elections Division in order to appear on the ballot. For partisan candidates, the next election will be the May primary (held on the 3rd Tuesday of May). For independent candidates the next election will be the November general. However, the filing window applies to all candidates and runs from the 12th Monday before the primary election until the 10th Friday before the primary election. In 2018, the filing window is from February 26th to March 9th and the primary will be held on May 15th. More information about this process can be found here: If you have any questions please contact the Idaho Secretary of State Elections Division, which also serves as the point of contact, by phone at (208) 334-2852.

Submit application to:
Idaho Secretary of State's Office, 700 W Jefferson, Boise, ID, 83702, US